What is Sugaring? 

Sugaring is a form of hair removal dating back to the early 1900’s Middle East. It is a paste made primarily from sugar, lemon, and water. The process removes body hair from the root; and is a maintenance hair removal treatment that can lead to permanent hair reduction.

Benefits of Sugaring

  • 100% Natural
  • Very Sanitary
  • Great for sensitive Skin
  • Sugar Paste is not hot and won’t burn your skin
  • Little to no hair breakage, reduces the amount of hair that becomes ingrown

See below for information and pricing.

Lip Treatment
Full lip
Duration: 10 min | Cost: $17

Chin Treatment
Full chin
Duration: 10 min | Cost: $18

Full Face
Does not include brows
Duration: 20 min | Cost: $45

Remove from back of neck along hairline. Or front of the neck below jawline (women only)
Duration: 10 min | Cost: $20

Full underarm
Duration: 15 min | Cost: $27

Half Arm
Half arm
Duration: 30 min | Cost: $35

Full Arm
Full arm
Duration: 30 min | Cost: $45

Full stomach
Duration: 20 min | Cost: $23

Half Back
Half back
Duration: 30 min | Cost: $40

Full Back
Full back
Duration: 30 min | Cost: $60